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Blue Mango

Blue Mango



Blended With Lemon Grass, Butterfly Pea Flower, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Hips, Natural Mango Flavor, Marigold Flowers, Mango Pieces & Lychee Flavor


Blue Mango Butterfly Pea Herbal is ready to make a splash! Get the little paper umbrellas ready, because we've got a cool, deep blue beverage and it's everything you didn't know you needed this summer. Kick back and relax with this caffeine-free tropical iced tea blended with lemongrass, beautiful blue butterfly pea flower, essence of mango and exotic lychee. Add anything acidic such as a squirt of lemon juice, and the infusion will turn a gorgeous shade of violet – tea and a show! Perfect for baristas, tea menus, iced teas, and home brewing kits. Sold by the pound for our business clients!
Brew: 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz cup |212F | 7-10 min

Expected to ship in 3 - 4 weeks

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