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This tea contains low amounts of caffeine | Steep at 80°C for 3-5 mins.


The second least processed variety of tea, green teas vary significantly but are often grassy, vegetal crisp, buttery or even slightly smoky. This blend of teas is complex with grassy, floral, fruity, citrusy, smoky and vegetal notes. It produces a kombucha that has a bit of body, crisp flavour and light grassy undertones. It will pair well with any flavours. Some good options are citrus fruits, berries, herbs, tropical fruits, flowers or peaches.

This fantastic green tea blend can be used for any time of the day, not just for kombucha! We love it in the morning or for a boost of energy in the afternoon, instead of coffee. It's robust with a complexity of flavors that are enhanced with food, especially sweeter food.

Expected to ship in 3 - 4 weeks

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