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My Story

Tea for what ails you

Did you ever get an urge to try all the teas in the world?  I did. But I also wanted to share what I've found, and so the idea of Manifestations Café was born.  With the idea of having a space to inspire and manifest what you want.  Tea and coffee work as creative juices to let your imagination flow.  

I want to cure what ails you, spiritually, physically and mentally.  By curating and blending the perfect teas for health and wellness.  As we gain more teas, I want to hone down on the best of the best.

Starting with teas from Twig & Squirrel's Wild Goods, Jackie manages to bring in only the best organic teas for your health.  Organic Shanti Teas, to give you some flavour from around the world, and Adagio, which has the largest variety of teas available.  

Available to take out and inspire or stay in and create.  I hope you stop by for a visit!

- April Dawn

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